Ho Chi Minh City

Well how can I explain Ho Chi Minh City .....busy, busy, busy. Hanoi, the city I used to live in is rather busy, but Ho Chi Minh City is another level of busy.

But besides the buzz of the town there are also a whole lot of positives.
I had the opportunity to visit a whole lot of amazing sites that I really enjoyed.
The Saigon Central Post Office I visited Ho Chi Minh City in December (I know it was long ago, I have been busy), and so it was around Christmas time. The highlight of the visit to the Post Office for me was seeing little children come and post their letters to Father Christmas. Since living in Asia and being a teacher, children are the first thing I notice wherever I go. I love seeing their reaction to their surrounding or the situations they are put in. But other than the cute children, The Post Office was absolutely beautiful. Clocks representing times of different countries in the world hang from the walls, the roof was half-moon shaped which made the whole place look gorge…

Floating in Bungalows in Khao Sok National Park

As most of you know, I had an amazing experience on a tour to Thailand in February. One of the stops was Khao Sok National Park. A place I had never heard of before. So, naturally, I looked to Google for some answers and the pictures I saw were something out of a dream. And it proved to be just that.
We took a short drive from the train station to a very small port. There we got onto a long tailed boat and we traveled along a natural beauty. The lake is surrounded by beautiful lime stone mountains that are covered in a thick and dense jungle. The one fact that absolutely puzzled me, was that this lake was man-made. I still don't believe it, because it is massive and just so natural.

We then stopped in a little lagoon and had a swim. It was so beautiful. The water was calm and just pure perfection. After a short journey, a row of floating bungalows came into view. It was amazing and this was our accommodation for the night. The resort was basically a line of cute little bungalows flo…

Busabout's Ultimate Travel Squad Application

Busabout are holding a competition to find the Ultimate Travel Squad to travel around Europe this summer. There are four positions avaliable on the squad. A YouTuber, a blogger, a Snapchatter and an Instagramer. I have applied for the Instagram position. This would be an amazing opportunity for me and I really hope that I get chosen.  Check out my application video. Let me know what you think and shows it some love please.

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Day Trip to the Mekong Delta Video

Check out the awesome things I experienced on my Day Trip to the Mekong Delta.
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5 Must Do's in Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon Video

Check out my latest video, all about Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon. I hope you enjoy watching it.
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Christmas in Hanoi

I was very surprised when I got back to Hanoi to see the true spirit and festivity that surrounds Christmas everywhere. I noticed decorations hanging on most shops, Christmas trees in the shops and restaurants and even certain restaurants serving Christmas related foods. I suppose I never expected it because Vietnam is a predominately Buddhist country, however there are many Christians that make up their population. As well as Vietnam being one of the most celebratory nations. When I say celebratory I mean that on every holiday they go all out. Halloween was crazy here. Everyone had their spider webs and witch outfits hanging around there shops and homes. On independence day the city looked like a sea of red and yellow due to every building, shop, home and restaurant hanging out there Vietnamese flags. Buildings light up on holidays and the streets of the Old Quarter are packed from one side to the other. 

Children are all dressed in red with Santa Claus outfit or just a pair of reinde…

Visiting a Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam

So my blog has been extremely quite lately, due to an unfortunate visit to a local hospital. Wait WHAT???

So lets start from the beginning. On a lovely Sunday morning, the day after my birthday, I was on my way home on the back of an Uber Moto(scooter taxi). A garbage truck decided to over take us, because there are no rules in Vietnamese traffic, and I landed up lying in the middle of the street. So I checked I was okay and everything seemed lovely until I got to my right thigh. Turns out a metal piece on the truck had cut my thigh right through to the muscle and I could see the inside of my leg. Thank goodness I had so many amazing angels around me and I managed to get to a hospital.

As we drove into the hospital I freaked out because it is very different from what I am used to back in South Africa. The emergency room was tiny and I had a million Vietnamese doctors and nurses trying to help me, however I had no idea what they were trying to say. The language barrier continued to be th…